Fiestas del Pilar

The Fiestas del Pilar are already here, the fiesta grande of Zaragoza. And thousands of visitors arrive too, some for the first time, some already common fans of Zaragoza's fun, and some zaragozanos who live outside and return with yearning. For sure, there is someone who can't find a gift or souvenir for his or her people, the ones that are far, in other places. The figurine of the Virgin and the Adoquines del Pilar have become outdated; and the delicious Frutas de Aragón, are not tasteful for everyone. If you know the case, or if yourselves are in it, think of the book Zaragoza Everywhere. Perhaps many believe that Zaragoza is not much, but it is our city, we want it to look pretty, to be remembered fondly and to have poetry, mystery and legend. To be ancient yet modern, small but big, bright, green, happy, melancholic, romantic... these is what we, the ones that have made this book, want too, that's why we did it. Tell them about Zaragoza Everywhere, it's a book, it's a gift, it's a souvenir. But it is much more. Check it out.
Photos: © Angélica Montes

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